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300% growth in revenue: the CRM strategy that increases e-mail sales

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300% growth in revenue: the CRM strategy that increases e-mail sales

Client’s history:

Super Nosso Group is a traditional supermarket group founded in 1998. Reference in quality and customer service, Super Nosso Group’s main goal has always been to meet its customers’ needs while offering a comfortable and safe space for shopping.

Super Nosso em Casa is one of the group’s companies which offers the most innovative, safe and comfortable online shopping system in Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan area, which was even more important during the pandemic.


326.43% increase in revenue via e-mail marketing

123% increase in conversion rate through e-mail marketing

66% increase in new users



GhFly’s objective was to retain customers in high-recurrence retail purchases based on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies.



Keep the base engaged even during the COVID-19 crisis.

The challenge faced by GhFly was to keep the lead base engaged and loyal even in one of the most complicated moments of the 21st century – the Coronavirus crisis. In addition, GhFly knew that all brands were shifting their communication to messages that fit our new normal, which brought an extra challenge to our strategy: how to communicate with the base without saturating it?


Strategic Solution

Client Fidelization through customer base treatment

The strategy developed by GhFly was to keep the lead base engaged and loyal through communication touchpoints such as email, SMS and push with highly relevant content. Furthermore, through data intelligence we sought to avoid base saturation, as during the pandemic many retailers also focused on home delivery.

It was necessary to understand the real needs of our base. According to Google (2018), 61% of consumers expect brands to provide personalized experiences according to their preferences. Not only that, 90% of marketing leaders say personalization contributes significantly to a business’ profit (Google, 2017).

GhFly knew that personalization goes beyond just adding the *FIRST_NAME* to the email. It would be necessary to analyze the content, the time and the most appropriate channel for the lead.

To carry out this strategy, techniques, customer analytics, segmentation, marketing automation, CRO (conversion rate optimization) and strategic content production were used:

Customer Analytics

When we talk about retail, it is necessary to study the life time value of customers and applications such as RFM segmentation for a complete customer analytics strategy. We use ETL (extract, transform and load) tools capable of manipulating large volumes of data to create insights and strategies from behavior and customer data.


From a segmentation based on purchase and registration parameters, it was possible to separate the customer base into new, active, retention and inactive customers. By aligning this data with the opening/click date, we create complex segmentations, offering better offers for each profile, ensuring a high rate of open and conversion of communications in CRM.


The CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) was a fundamental part of the performance of the strategies applied by GhFly. We perform various A/B tests and experiments in order to determine the best values ​​for our campaign variables. In this way, it was possible to discover mental triggers to compose subjects, the best shooting times, among others.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automations are essential as they allow for personalized contact at crucial moments in the lifecycle. For the Super Nosso em Casa we created winback rules to recover disengaged leads, abandoned carts, registration, NPS, among others.



With all this, GhFly achieved incredible results for the Super Nosso em Casa, with a 326.43% growth in revenue, via email marketing, representing 13% of the company’s total revenue.



We developed a learning agenda made up of several tests and rich data analysis, and as a result, we were able to understand how to deliver the content the lead needs, when he needs it, the way he wants it and even the communication channel he prefers . Certainly, with the incessant evolution of the internet in people’s lives and the consumer’s purchasing behavior in constant transformation, the partnership between Grupo Super Nosso and GHFly will still face infinite challenges, but we will always be willing to adapt and guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Marcelo Santiago

Marcelo Santiago

Marketing | Super Nosso

Contributing to our clients’ business results is the biggest motivating factor for the GhFly team. And when we deliver a project where we are able to apply current CRM methodologies and robust data-driven techniques, seeing the positive impact of this on the business, we get even greater satisfaction. Therefore, I leave my sincere thanks to the dedication and partnership of all Supernosso professionals.

Sérgio Hneda

Sérgio Hneda

Head of Digital Strategies LATAM | GhFly