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400% increase in transaction value through e-commerce

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400% increase in transaction value through e-commerce

Client’s History:

La Curacao, a home appliance and consumer electronics retailer, belongs to Unicomer Group, with operations in 24 countries in the Americas and more than fifteen thousand employees. Currently, La Curacao operates in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic, as well as other countries in Latin America.


400% increase in e-commerce transaction value

330% increase in transaction volume

270% increase in revenue via Facebook



The chains La Curacao Tiendas and La Curacao online have an annual event called Hot Weekend which, in 2019, took place on April 5, 6 and 7, where the chain works with discounts of up to 50% during a weekend. In 2019, the proposed objective was to surpass the total revenue compared to previous editions of the event.



Specific campaigns for each of the target audiences in each country

LaCuracaOnline operates in five different countries, making it necessary to analyze consumer behavior in each of these locations. Therefore, GhFly needed to develop campaign strategies aimed at the target audience of each country to understand the potential of each media and what would be the most effective communication for each of these audiences, after all, despite the behavior being similar between the audiences, each country has particularities and these details made the difference to the success of the applied strategy.


Strategic Solution

Expanding interest in the brand

GhFly conducted an analysis of target audiences to understand the particularities and consumption behavior of each audience. Thus, we base our strategy on three main pillars.

– Understand how to mix media to achieve maximum results for each audience
– Develop detailed segmentations that make sense for the proposed objective
– Develop assertive forms of communication, looking at the target audience in each country

We plan campaigns respecting the user’s country of origin, existing offers and micro-moments. We use interactive graphic formats in Social Ads campaigns, bringing greater user interaction with the ads, aligning them according to the moment the user was in the purchase journey. In this way, we increased our interest in the brand and nurtured relationships with those who already had contact with LaCuracaOnline.

Research network + branding actions

When looking at the pillars that defined the strategy, we chose to work on the Google search network, using brand branding and product promotion actions, in addition to dynamic advertisements and remarketing that are fully focused on products.

And for the Social Ads, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, we created ads that encouraged direct purchases and highlighted the discounts and promotions that the date offered. We also create Call To Actions with product-specific communication, stimulating user interest and optimizing the conversion rate.


Creative Solution

The creative pieces were developed by La Curacao’s in-house team. However, GhFly was responsible for guiding the best practices in building creatives for ads, with a guide where we highlighted points such as: image size, amount of text in the images, image approval policies, among others.

GhFly achieved 189% of the sales target in El Salvador and 140% of the target in Nicaragua. In addition, we achieved all the targets proposed in other countries.



Hemos aportado bases para la construcción de la experticia digital con la que deben contar las empresas de retail actualmente. Alcanzar estos resultados nace de la fuerte cultura de trabajar en equipo, siempre con el objetivo de identificar cuales son las mejores prácticas para avanzar en la región y con eso contribuir a la generación de experiencias memorables.

Sérgio Hneda

Sérgio Hneda

Head of Digital Strategies LATAM | GhFly