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Data-driven decision making aimed at driving solid growth


All of our decisions are based on hard data. We do not change a graphic piece or publish a campaign because we “think” something. We raise and analyze data in a strategic manner to boost performance before ever making any decision.

Conversion Optimization - CRO

In a performance maximization process, GhFly observes the entire customer journey, from building the markting funnel to, and especially, where potential customers are being taken. In other words, how are the landing pages treating them? Through data analysis and by way of a variety of tools, we’re able to create experiences and promote significant lifts in metrics in order to drive a greater return on investment.

Web Analytics Management

We have a team dedicated to Web Analytics Solutions, from tag implementations to data analysis; from advanced set-ups to comprehensive reporting dashboards and much more.

Business Intelligence / Data Science

We work data analyses to the benefit of each individual business. It’s fundamental to ensure that everything’s running in conformity with regulations such as GDPR and LGPD.

Reports and Dashboards

Understanding that data visualization is crucial to any decision, we employ many different tools and assets, both proprietary and market available, in order to deliver dynamic reports and real-time dashboards.

Softwares & Integrations

To get the most out of automations and digital marketing tracking possibilities, we make it a point to ensure that all integrations are operating as they should. GhFly maintains an in-house team of DEVs and BIs in order to construct APIs and other inter-system integration solutions.

Other Services

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