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We are the leading agency in what concerns digital media strategies focused on performance

Online Media

GhFly is one of the main digital media acquirers in Latin America, from planning to hands-on operations, always focused on performance.

We’ve developed a proprietary methodology for planning and buying digital media that raises digital marketing campaign eficiency.

Google Ads

We’re a Premier Google Partner and all our team members have earned all available Google Certifications. We have our own way of doing things that guarantee that all our accounts are always in conformity with the market’s Best Practices. We operate all possible Google strategies such as search, display, shopping, YouTube and Waze.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facbook’s solutions are incredibly powerful when it comes to brand building as well as branding in itself. In order to meet all of a business’s needs and, being that 75% of an ads performance is attributed to the quality of the graphic piece itself, we count on a media team that works hand-in-hand with our creative department to ensure the best results. We’re focused on creativity in order to guarantee our client’s performance.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the largest professional network platform in the world and counts on the largest community of influential, highly educated people with an elevated purchasing power. Such an audience, paired with an integrated strategy, brings in substantial results in both branding and performance.

Microsoft Advertising / Bing Ads

With lower costs and qualified audiences, Microsoft Advertising is a great opportunity for raising ROI as well as for reaching incremental audiences seeing as we’re able to expand our clients’ reach to Bing, MSN, Yahoo, AOL and other sites nurtured by Bing.

Programmatic Media

We also work in planning and buying programmatic media, always aimed at providing transparent metrics through partnerships with the top players in the market. We keep data center-mind to all our strategies, working with 1st Party Data and Data Providers (3rd Party Data).

Other Services

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